The Overloon War Cemetery of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is located on the Vierlingsbeekseweg in Overloon and counts 281 military graves.
The Overloon War Chronicles Foundation offers the opportunity to adopt these graves.

The adoption programme of the Overloon War Chronicles Foundation (hereafter OWC) is supported by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (hereafter CWGC).

Application for adoption no longer possible

In April 2022, the allocation of graves for adoption was started after earlier announcements in the local weeklies and on Facebook. The applications have come in steadily and meanwhile almost all 281 graves have been adopted. The adopters come for a part from Overloon and direct surroundings, but also from the rest of Holland and even from Belgium and Germany.

After the allocation each adopter receives the official Overloon War Chronicles adoption certificate, the special certificate designed by Ger Smeets.

After receiving the adoption certificate various adopters started looking for relatives of the soldier in the United Kingdom. Sometimes independently, sometimes with the help of the foundation when we have data on relatives. With many positive results. Many adopters and their relatives in the UK have already exchanged contact details and photographs.

The Foundation thanks all adopters very much for their participation and expresses the hope that the adoption programme will be a basis for a long and fruitful cooperation.

graf adoptie


  1. Adoption
  2. Allocation
  3. Certificate
  4. Expectations
  5. Rules
  6. Lights on war graves
  7. Commercial
  8. Privacy policy
1. Adoption
  • Adoption of the graves is possible for individuals, companies, schools, organisations and associations.
  • Only OWC is authorised to assign a grave to the prospective adopter. The 6 currently anonymous graves are also offered for adoption.
  • Prospective adopters can express a preference for a particular grave when making their application.
  • OWC will take the preference expressed by the prospective adopter into account as much as possible in the allocation process.
  • Allocations made in the past will be respected as far as possible.
  • In the event of multiple applications for the same grave, OWC will decide on the definitive allocation.
  • It is possible for a prospective adopter to adopt several graves, depending on the number of graves still available for adoption at that time.
  • It is possible to adopt the same grave with several adopters, if the respective prospective adopters notify OWC in advance.
  • The adoption of a grave is transferable to individuals, companies, schools, organisations and societies. This must be notified to and approved by OWC in writing in advance.
  • An adopter may return his or her adoption to OWC at any time.
  • OWC reserves the right at all times to refuse a request for adoption without giving reasons, or to revise or cancel an allocation already made.
  • Adopters are requested to notify OWC in writing of any changes of address.
2. Administration costs
    • To compensate for the administration costs, OWC asks for a one-time contribution of EUR 10,00 per adopted grave. The adopter is of course free to donate a higher amount.
    • The amount can be transferred to bank account number: NL04 RBRB 8835 3869 69 in the name of Stichting Overloon War Chronicles, mentioning the name and address of the adopter.
    3. Certificate
    • After receipt of the contribution by OWC the adopter will receive the adoption certificate on which the personal details of the fallen soldier is mentioned, as well as the name of the adopter.
    • The adoption is not officially effective until the relevant adoption certificate has been issued.
    4. Expectations
    • OWC expects the adopter to pay attention to the adopted grave and to place a flower on the grave at least once a year, when possible, for instance on
      – 4 May: National Remembrance Day
      – 14 October: Liberation Day Overloon
      – Day of birth of the soldier in question, if known
      – Day of death of the soldier in question, if known
      – 24 December, Christmas Eve
    • OWC highly appreciates it when the adopter makes an effort to find out more about the soldier in question and maintains contact with any relatives and/or next of kin of the soldier of the adopted grave. The adopter can share the information with OWC through the email address below, so that as many (portrait) photos and background stories as possible can be saved in the OWC archives.
    5. Rules
    • Overloon War Cemetery is managed by CWGC. The layout, design and planting of the cemetery takes place according to a model that is used worldwide at every CWGC cemetery.
    • Only fresh cut flowers and “poppy” wreaths may be placed in front of the headstone.
    • It is not permitted to make any changes or additions to the planting around the graves.
    • Permanent objects may not be placed, these will be removed by the CWGC.
    • The maintenance of the cemetery remains the sole responsibility of the CWGC.
    • It is strictly forbidden to leave residual waste in the cemetery.
    • Information about CWGC is available at
    • In all cases of discussion, the OWC board decides and follows the guidelines of CWGC.6. Lichtjes op oorlogsgraven:
    • Jaarlijks wordt op kerstavond, 24 december op alle graven van de CWGC-begraafplaats een kaars gebrand. Deze activiteit maakt deel uit van de landelijke manifestatie Lichtjes op oorlogsgraven. De aanwezigheid van de adoptant en medewerking van de adoptant bij het aansteken en plaatsen van de kaars op het door de adoptant geadopteerde graf wordt hierbij zeer op prijs gesteld.
      6. Lights on war graves
      • Every year on Christmas Eve, December 24, a candle is lit on all graves in the CWGC cemetery. This activity is part of the national event “Lights on war graves”. The presence and cooperation of the adopter in lighting and placing the candle on the grave adopted by the adopter is highly appreciated.
      7. Commercial activities
      • Commercial activities started by the adopter regarding the graves and/or the CWGC cemetery are not allowed.
      • OWC expects the adopter to strictly observe this rule.
      8. Privacy regulations
      • OWC’s privacy regulations can be found at
      • In all cases not covered by these rules the board of OWC will decide.

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