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    John Thomas

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    Suffolk Regiment, 1st Bn.

  • Grave number

    III. C. 4.

John Thomas Clipson
John Thomas Clipson
grave John Thomas Clipson
grave John Thomas Clipson


Son of William Webster Clipson (1878-1955) & Sarah Jane Clipson (1889-1966), Risby, Suffolk.

John Thomas Clipson was born in 1912 in the area of West Suffolk. Together with their family of 6 children, William and Sarah live at 7 Avenue Cottage, Risly, Risby, Thingoe R.D., Suffolk, England.

George Hodgson Rowlandson was born and raised in the northwest of England, in the area around Eden and Westmoreland. George is born in 1923 and was named after his grandfather Hodgson Rowlandson. Before George leaves for mainland Europe to join forces against the Germans, Philip and Nellie live at Black Moss Pool Cottage, Armathwaite, Cumberland with their 3 children.

On October 12th 1944, the Suffolks were en route from Oploo to Overloon when a German sniper was hiding in the windmill and raised hell on the Suffolk boys. Major Arthur George Ellis was one of the Snipers’ casualties. The British commanders decided to finally eliminate the sniper through an air attack by a couple Typhoons, which unfortunately caused considerable damage to the windmill.

As a result of Major Ellis’ death, Captain John Glauert accompanied his soldiers Clipson and Rowlandson in a small and lightly armed Bren carrier to take command of the company.

The Bren carrier cautiously followed the route previously taken by “B” Company. Just beyond Tactical Battalion HQ, which was situated in a farmhouse on the left side of the road, the company came to a halt about 200 yards from the badly damaged windmill where Captain John Glauert quickly jumped out of the Bren carrier.

As the carrier, driven by Private Clipson accompanied by his companion Private Rowlandson, continued on towards Overloon, Captain John Glauert seemed completely oblivious to a burning scout car on the side of the road.

The two soldiers continued along the track, into the fields, in the direction of the brickworks at the “Bossenhoekweg”, where they unexpectedly hit a mine. The Bren carrier exploded with a loud bang and both men were instantly killed.

John Thomas Clipson and George Hodgson Rowlandson were temporarily buried at Baansestraat (near Th.J. Janssen) in Overloon.

In May 1947 they were laid to rest for the final time right next to each other at the Overloon War Cemetery.
Gravenumbers III.C.4 and III.C.3

Sources and credits
Wernoud Euwens
Tracey van Oeffelen
Fighting through to Hitler’s Germany by Mark Forsdike

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