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The Overloon War Chronicles Foundation was established at the end of 2020 as the Overloon War Cemetery Working Group. Main goal at that time was to retrieve photos and stories of all 281 British soldiers buried at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery in Overloon. Since the working group soon developed more initiatives and goals outside the cemetery, the name of the working group no longer covered everything.

It was decided to change the working group into a foundation to make it more official and to be able to place all projects, now and in the future, under the foundation. Therefore, on 7 July 2021 the Overloon War Chronicles Foundation was established. Under this foundation the diversity of tasks and projects, expertise and specialist knowledge is brought together and coordinated.

The basic aim of all our projects is to keep the history of the Battle of Overloon and Venray alive and to spread it. Both nationally and internationally, also aimed at future generations.

We would like to publish our stories in both Dutch and English. However, as all the work is done by volunteers only, it could take a little while sometimes before the English versions are published. 

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Bestuur Stichting Overloon War Chronicles

Board of the Foundation Overloon War Chronicles, f.l.t.r. secretary Piet Peters, chairman Leo Janssen and treasurer Oscar Huisman.


Foto’s and stories

The above-mentioned photo project regarding the 281 war graves.
In addition, to record the stories of the soldiers concerned for, among others, their next generation?

We do this through our own independent research.

Archive and knowledge

Setting up a digital archive relating to the Battle, accessible to everyone, from the various private archives. Opening up all digital information.

Set up a central knowledge centre on the Battle of Overloon and Venray, in all its facets, setting up study groups on specific parts of the battle and inviting national and international guest speakers. For the time being, the knowledge centre will be located in Groeningen, in the Museum van Postzegel tot Tank.

Set up educational projects for primary and secondary schools.

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